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Adaptil Pheromone Diffuser Review

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ADAPTIL Dog Calming Pheromone Diffuser

With extensive knowledge around the Adaptil Calm Collar, we often get questions around the next logical product, the Diffuser. Both function with the same approach, using pheromone to calm your dog and reduce anxiety. 

While I have not tried this product specifically, I have been able to discuss with many people over the past period to get their feedback and who have assisted with writing this Adaptil Pheromone Diffuser Review.

I have collated the information and gained sufficient insight to prepare the results.

What are dog Pheromones?

Dog pheromones are natural chemicals found female dogs ( and males too) hat affect how they act. They can help calm a nervous dog, encourage happiness and adjust the mood to a more stable state. 

The best way to understand what dog pheromone products work is to look at the science behind them. Every animal produces a unique set of pheromones based on their genetics, diet, age, hormones, health, and environment. These pheromones are often detected by other members of the same species. For instance, a mother dog might release pheromones that attract her puppies to her side. A puppy might pick up his mom’s scent to figure out where she is.

Each type of pheromone is designed to accomplish specific result. Some are intended to attract mates, while others are meant to deter predators. Certain types of pheromones are used during mating season to keep males interested in females. Still others are used to signal dominance or submission among pack members.

How does the Adaptil Calming Pheromone Diffuser work?

 Adaptil diffusers use these pheromones to create an environment where your dog feels comfortable and relaxed. The diffuser works by releasing small amounts of the calming pheromone into the air, which will then be inhaled by your dog.

The diffuser has two parts: the collar and the diffuser itself. It’s important to note that it’s only designed for indoor use only. Not to say that it wouldn’t work outdoors, but unless its a very confined outdoor space,  all the pheromone vapor will be diluted reducing the overall result. 

Placed in a central area to your dogs sleeping space, the  pheromones will radiate though the air an be ingested through the nose to the body and brain and begin to calm your dog. 

How to Use

Its important to use the diffuser correctly to obtain the optimal result for you and your dog. If you simply install in an area and operate all the time, its likely you will not see the results and your underlying problem will persist. 

The first and probably most important factor is location. You need to ensure the pheromone radiate into the are your dog spends most of his time, it can be a process to determine the best location but trial and error will help navigate the process. 

Some users have reported their dog sitting in an area waiting for their owner to return which is  away from where they sleep. Since they installed the diffuser close to the  dogs bed, the dog never entered this part of the room and continued to be anxious. 

Depending on your house layout you will need to consider how many diffusers you need, while there is a additional cost, you may only need to operate two or three for a short period of time. Then proceed to sell if no longer required. 

Once located in the correct area, ensure you turn on at the right times. Some users have indicated they forgot to turn on, or left on all the time and consumed all the contents while not needed. 

Purchasing an automatic timer is another good option, you can set this up on a schedule that works with your week and you will not need to remember to turn on and off. While Adaptil indicate you should always leave on, if you aware away for an period, or dog not in the area, there is no point in wasting so users advise to turn off. 

Hot Tip

Another approach and used by a close friend, is to purchase a power adaptor that you can set a timer through a mobile app and activate remotely, this provides greater flexibility and allows you to control while away from home.

For example, if you have a camera on your pet, and you see it uptight, you can remotely turn on the diffuser, with some remote controlled power adaptors, you can link them which also works well if you have more than one diffuser.

Each diffuser can cover an area around 700 sq ft, so keep this in mind when planning out your room. Also try not to place under any object that could block the pheromones from escaping. 


Its great to hear the results from the people I have discussed the diffusers with, overall most have indicated positive feedback. The theme is similar to what we have seen and I have also experienced first hand with the Adaptil Calm Collar, it works best paired with other techniques to manage the overall problem.

Trying to use a single product or method often does not give the best outcome or can take a lot longer than needed. 

The primary item to consider is placement, ensure you have ample coverage and your should start to see results in 3-6 weeks. Sometimes sooner, and as each dog is different. 

Some dogs don’t react to the pheromones, or are too stressed for the results to be realized. If this is the case, you should continue with the strategy,


  • Plug and play, easy to install and operate, no need to connect anything to your dog. 
  • Can work for more than one dog, save costs over other solutions where you need to purchase separately. 
  • Results can be seen in a few weeks, depending if you include other techniques and strategies it might also been sooner. 


  • Does not work for all dogs, some just don’t associate with the pheromones. 
  • Can be costly if you need to install into multiple rooms. 

In Summary

Backing on the success of the adaptil calm collar, I expected the diffusers to also deliver a similar result. As discussions I have had with users of the product, the results do demonstrate a consistent outcome.

The main concern is getting the pheromones into the right area to ensure the dog is not missing the scent. If you can master the location and probably not too complicated in an apartment, you should also see a change in your dogs mood and behaviour over time.

As mentioned and see with the adaptil calm collar, it can take time, so be patient and let the dog adapt to the calm collar.

Also, if you have only just moved, or there has been a considerable event in your dogs life, then it can take a week or two before your dog stops fretting and calms to a more normal level. At this point, its worth trying the adaptil calm products. It may be too early to attempt at the initial period.

If you are considering the diffuser, you can purchase through amazon or most local pet stores.

Remember, some dogs just don’t display any change and you will need to consider other plans for them. See some ideas here


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