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Feeding dogs in the morning to stop barking

Batty Mum

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Today was somewhat improved, still not perfect, but better than yesterday.

We started with the morning walk, longer this time (made me run late for work), but hopefully tired them out a little. Went around the block twice, stopped and let them say g’day to a few other dog friends. The beagle is not the best at walking due to her illness but the Cocker can keep on going.

Made it back home and finished getting ready for work, turned on the radio, got that set.

Hubby fed the dogs, gave them a decent meal, the kids also gave them some toast crust which they do like too.

They were getting tired before we departed, but still not settled, so the kids helped with that part before going to school. Put the dogs on their beds, gave them some pats, hoping that might help. The cocker spaniel was ok, but the beagle didnt want to lay day down. Its always one dog!

They left for the day, turned the radio up louder. I checked in around 9:30 AM and all looking good.

Checked in again to see if they were barking around 10:30 AM, still good, the beagle had moved from her bed, but could not hear her howling.

around mid-day at lunch, I checked again, and both were up again, pacing back and forth.

Another letter from the Neighbour?

I was expecting a letter from the neighbour complaining about the dogs barking again this week.   Its been three days and the dogs have not been ideal, sure improvement, but I bet someone is going to complain soon enough.

I do understand as if I was home, and there was a dog barking then I would probably need to take some action. Maybe reach out to them at the first instance, or something less direct. But I guess everyone has their own approach. The last thing I want however, is to get kicked out. Finding a rental in the current market is not easy and I am sure there is a way to stop these dogs barking! How hard can it be.

More research into techniques on how to stop dogs barking

It was getting later and I decided to see if there were any other ideas we could introduce, I found some dog calming music. It was around $30, and thought I would add this along side the radio. So, this is going to be a test tomorrow, see if we can keep them calmer longer. Stay tuned!


Batty Mum

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