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At Barking Batty, we’re dedicated to restoring harmony in homes through expert dog barking services. With a deep understanding of canine behavior, our team specializes in personalized assessments and tailored solutions to address excessive barking.

Led by a team of experienced professionals, we employ positive reinforcement techniques and proven methods to modify barking behavior effectively. Whether it’s identifying triggers, providing behavior modification training, or offering environmental management strategies, we’re committed to finding the right approach for every furry friend.

Our mission goes beyond just silencing barks; we aim to foster a deeper understanding of canine communication and strengthen the bond between pets and their owners. Through personalized programs and ongoing support, we empower pet parents to create a calm and peaceful living environment for themselves and their beloved companions.

At Barking Batty, we believe that every dog deserves to be heard and understood, and we’re here to help make that happen. Join us on this journey to transform barks into whispers and create a happier, quieter home for everyone.

Meet the team


Canine behavior analysis,

Dedicated canine behaviorist, passionate about restoring peace through effective barking solutions and personalized training programs.


Experienced behavioris

Experienced behaviorist committed to transforming dog behavior through positive reinforcement techniques and personalized modification programs.


Canine behavior analysis,

Specialized in canine behavior analysis, excels in identifying barking triggers and providing tailored solutions for harmony.

What people say about us

The barking assessment was eye-opening. With their guidance, our once noisy household is now serene.”

Pete R.

Behavior modification training worked wonders. Our dog is calmer, and we’re grateful for the peace.” 

Julie M.

Personalized approach made all the difference. Our home went from chaos to tranquility. Thank you, Barking Batty!

Tom L.

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