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Welcome to Barking Batty, your ultimate destination for expert dog barking services. We understand the frustration and stress that incessant barking can bring to your life. That’s why we’re here to offer effective solutions tailored to your furry friend’s needs.

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What we do

Barking Advice

From yapping to quiet bliss, our specialized training brings harmony back into your household.

Barking Assessment

A comprehensive evaluation of your dog’s barking behavior to identify triggers and underlying issues. 

Environmental Management

Tailored training programs designed to address and modify excessive barking tendencies through positive reinforcement techniques.

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Behavior Modification Training

Tailored training programs designed to address and modify excessive barking tendencies through positive reinforcement techniques.

Dog training

Structured obedience training sessions to instill discipline and control, reducing impulsive barking responses.

Follow-up Support

Continued support and guidance post-training to ensure sustained progress and address any recurring barking issues.

Affordable Services

Say goodbye to the noise and hello to a serene living environment with Barking Batty.

Barking Assessment

In-depth analysis, behavior triggers, individualized approach, canine communication, expert evaluation, identifying root causes, tailored recommendations, comprehensive understanding, effective strategies..


Per Session

Barking Advice

Understanding triggers, consistent training, positive reinforcement, calm environment, exercise needs, mental stimulation, addressing anxiety, communication cues, professional guidance, patience and consistency.


Per Session

Behavior Modification

Positive reinforcement, consistency, clear communication, redirecting behaviors, rewarding desired actions, patience, gradual progress, understanding triggers, tailored strategies, professional guidance, effective techniques.


Per 30 min Session

Our team


Canine behavior analysis,

Dedicated canine behaviorist, passionate about restoring peace through effective barking solutions and personalized training programs.


Experienced behavioris

Experienced behaviorist committed to transforming dog behavior through positive reinforcement techniques and personalized modification programs.


canine behavior analysis,

Specialized in canine behavior analysis, excels in identifying barking triggers and providing tailored solutions for harmony.

Pets (and their owners) love us!

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Emily S.

“Life-changing! Their barking assessment pinpointed the problem. Now, our home is tranquil. Highly recommend their personalized approach.”

Sarah J.

“Top-notch service! The personalized barking assessment provided invaluable insights. Professional, friendly trainers. Finally, some peace and quiet!”

David M.

“Incredible results! Behavior modification training was effective. Our dog is calmer, and our neighbors are grateful. Thank you!”

Mark R.

“Absolutely amazed! Mel’s expertise in barking assessments is unmatched. The tailored solutions worked wonders. Our household is finally serene.”

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