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Neighbours Complained About My Dog Barking

Batty Mum

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Sigh, this was a tough day, I was not expecting this to happen. I cant believe it, the neighbours complained about my dog barking!  It has not even been a week and our first complaint came in, I was shocked to say the least.

Let me take a few steps back.

The day started with the usual routine, rushing around getting everyone and everything sorted before I left for work. Hubby dropped the kids off and went to work as normal. I checked the google camera at my first available moment, it was around 9:30 AM.  There she was barking as loud as she was the last couple of days. I knew what was required, someone needed to make the trip home to shut her up!

Racing home from work again

I asked my boss again, she kindly allowed me to go home and calm the dog down, this time it was raining and wet, very wet so the walk home was not much fun. Having said that, its probably quicker to walk than park drive and park again on return, so I wasn’t too upset about walking.

I got home, walked in the door and calmed her down, waited another 10 or 15 then back to work. The walk back was slow, I was thinking how we could stop this from occurring, I cant keep leaving work all the time.

I started searching the internet for ideas, suggestions, anything that would stop our family pet for 15 years to stop barking.

There were lots of suggestions, ideas, but how to know which one might work, I was confused.

Back to work

I finally got back to work, checked the camera and she had started barking again. My stress levels escalated, I messaged my husband, trying to work out how we can manage this.

He was not able to make it home, and I couldn’t go back home again. We had to let her bark and bark she did. She didn’t stop, back and forth she walked, barking every 30 seconds or so.

Another hour or so passed and every time I checked the camera, she was barking, the beagle was also following, getting more upset too.  It wasn’t long before I was finishing up work for the day and checked the dog again and my emails, and there it was…


Barking Notice from Strata Manage / Body Corporate

Someone had complained and there was our first notice asking us to manage the barking situation, I nearly passed out!

Email from body corporate indicating dog has been barking

I called my husband, I told him about the message, I said we are going to get kicked out. I could only imagine someone trying to sleep who is on the night shift, and our dog is waking them up. The barking is causing other people to also get uptight.

We needed a plan and one fast!

We had to do something and it had to be quick, I searched the internet furiously to come up with ideas. What was going to work, how long it will take, so many ideas, but just not sure where to start.

I messaged by vet friend as well, I needed her help. (she is a saviour by the way!)

We got home, and I needed a rest, we all got an early night and tried to stay calm.  Tomorrow is a new day and maybe, just maybe we can think of some ideas overnight.

I tossed and turned in my sleep for most of the night, but did find relief knowing the next day was Saturday, the weekend so it gave us time to think of an action plan.




Batty Mum

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